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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 5 Seconds

13 Jul



They Might Be Giants in Five Measures

9 Mar

I wanted to have a CD review ready for you guys also today, but I forgot how much editing those require, so it’s tentatively scheduled for Thursday. In the meantime: TMBG’s recent output has been mostly educational songs for children, but anyone who’s been a longtime fan would not be surprised. They’re always teaching us about something!


Flaming Lips in Five Measures

4 Feb

The new Music Video Theatre 3000 video originally scheduled for today has been pushed back to Thursday due to technical difficulties, but don’t think I’m leaving you high and dry!

Today we reveal the secret obsession that drives Wayne Coyne, though it’s not such a secret to anyone who’s seen the FLips stage show or movie Christmas On Mars.


Ben Folds in Five Measures

21 Jan

Instead of an album review (though I am working on one, an oldie but a goodie), here’s a new series based on the “Movie in Five Seconds” series on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.

First up: is it possible to distill the discography of such a talented and beloved pianist and songwriter into five simple measures? Yes. Yes it is.

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The Wicker Man in 5 Seconds

15 Jan