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MM: Red Ribbon Edition

9 Dec

Hey folks, I’m crawling out of my cave (the next season of MVT3K will be coming soon, I promise) to do some specials for Red Ribbon Month. This one is a Misappropriated Music that posits something that may have not been noticed yet: a new positive-minded hit single by a usually reprehensible pop star has a similar piano line and message as a forgotten hit from the turn of the millennium.


Misappropriated Music: South Pacific Gets Dirty

19 Aug


Misappropriated Music: Toxic

20 Apr

I’m sure we all remember Britney Spears’ “Toxic”. It is arguably the best song she ever recorded, and it had the added bonus of a ridiculous music video (which is like manna to us here at AU!). But when it came time to do a Misappropriated Music, it was so hard to decide what cover to use. The faithful acoustic version by Nickel Creek? The driving electronic version by Local H? But I think you will all agree that I found the best version possible.

The conversion to Blip darkened the video immensely, so you may have to adjust viewing conditions accordingly. Audible Underwear: interactive snark!


Misappropriated Music: The Final Countdown

8 Apr


Misappropriated Music: My Humps

13 Mar