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Music Video Theatre 3000: The Year One Movie

24 Oct

After a loooong delay, it’s finally here: the Year One Anniversary Special! This is the full length version featuring an epic battle between Professor Hauk and a veritable A-Team of other reviewers. Review only edition is here, and our first audio commentary is coming (expect that in a few more days). Thanks to everyone who has supported the show through the past year, now would be a perfect time to join the Facebook page (by clicking that handy link on the menu) and tell me the 10 WORD SECRET PHRASE to earn a chance at free swag! Don’t know it? There’s one word “hidden” in the past 10 videos, go back and find them all! But most importantly, thank you!



Haus of Pain: Masters of Horror Review

1 Oct

Our newest character Professor Hauk bucks the system, but there’s still a hidden word here!