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Music Video Theatre: California Girls(?)

22 Sep

This week, Derek tries to relax by listening to the Beach Boys. You can probably guess what happens.


Hey, have you scrolled down yet? There’s a little widget down there that you can use to earn money for charity (I have it set to Autism Speaks but feel free to give to your own pet causes as well)


MVT3K: Golden Earring ‘Twilight Zone’

14 Sep

Welcome to the redesigned folks! I think it’s looking pretty spiffy and it’s a bit easier to navigate (dig that menu!) And to celebrate the occasion we have one of my favorite episodes ever. This week Derek tries to get to the bottom of all the show’s recent troubles with the help of Apollo Z Hack (whose phenomenal work can be found at


MVT3K: TV on the Radio “Golden Age”

9 Sep

This week Derek gets trapped inside his video screen and insanity commences.

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MVT3K: Nickelback “Photograph”

1 Sep

Last week it was the sound. This week….well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.