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MVT3K: Christina Aguilera “Keeps Getting Better”

23 Aug



Misappropriated Music: South Pacific Gets Dirty

19 Aug


MVT3K: I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

17 Aug

You may have thought that after the Facebook debacle last week we would be having problems with our Twitter (indiekid42). But you would be wrong. Something far worse happens: we go emo. Are you paying attention to the clue words?


MVT3K: Said I Loved You (But I Lied)

10 Aug

This week Derek takes on a fan request, but encounters something even more horrifying than Michael Bolton.


MVT3K: Every Morning (with Bonus!)

4 Aug

We have a change in format here, as well as the start of the 10 episode build towards our first birthday! How does everyone like the overlay me?

And if you’re confused about the sudden appearance of the word “Captain”, check out this:!/notes/audibleunderwearcom/year-one-contests/10150253121190473



And as a bonus, here is the extended version of the Mirror Universe Montage (including a short film by The Game Anthropologist!)