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MVT3K: Derek vs Doc Pepper, The Grudge Match

27 Jul

After a month of build up and a weekend of technical problems (including my netbook screen breaking) the grudge match between Derek and Doc Pepper. Even worse audio than usual, I apologize.



MVT3K: Olivia Newton-John ‘Physical’

22 Jul

If you were not aware, I did a guest spot on No Holds Barred last weekend, and well, you can see how well it went HERE. So this week, Derek is preparing for the final showdown against Doc Pepper. Awkwardness ensues.


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 5 Seconds

13 Jul


MVT3K: Goonies R Good Enough

8 Jul

This week Doc Pepper from No Holds Barred (another wonderful show on the XtremeNetworkOnline website) comes by to offer his opinions on a wrestler-cameo filled ode to the Goonies. More audio syncing problems, but not as noticeably as last week. No MVT next week, but I’ll try to come up with a good replacement!


AU Reviews: The Core

1 Jul

Derek has to try his hand at his first movie review when he’s forced to take part in the dreadful experiments of a crazed madwoman! Not sure how happy I am with this one, it’s a little bit too long (which in turn leads to large audio syncing issues towards the end) but I think all the cutaway gags are pretty good.


Information on the Russian Roulette Review series can be found here.