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MVT3K: Kamelot ‘Human Stain’

22 Jun

This one has the best lighting of any video I’ve ever done, and only suffers from some slight lag (thanks to my decision to put 10 overlay effects on top of each other). This month Derek takes on Kamelot (a band I enjoy without a drop of irony) and tries to put all the lessons he’s learned during Rock Month to good use when (spoiler alert) a DRAGON ATTACKS!



MVT3K: Muse ‘Uprising’

15 Jun

Hey folks, rock month continues, and the band MUSE is going to show us how to use rock and roll to fight monsters!



MVT3K: I Believe in a Thing Called Love

8 Jun

Our first episode with Chroma Keyed backdrops! Let me know if the motion is too distracting and I’ll switch back to still pictures. Also, there seems to be some audio sync problems near the end, apologies. Rock Month Begins!


MVT3K: Telephone

1 Jun

So a week late, we reach the end of Lady Gaga Month with this, perhaps the worst video I have reviewed yet in this young show. Take the sleaze of the last three weeks and multiply it. Then go take a shower. But at least all will be revealed in the bittersweet ending.