myTunes: A, A-Punk, A Touch Sensitive

1 Apr

A”, Barenaked Ladies, Maybe You Should Drive

Oh we are starting out hot. I don’t remember if this CD was given to me by my brother or if he simply left it behind when he moved out. I’m sure over the coming weeks/months/years(?) that this project stretches through, I will get to come to terms with bands that I have fallen out with. I really like BNL for a period, but I rarely listen to them anymore, and this song is a prime example of why (for both). The song has a nice, folksy, upbeat groove to it, reminiscent of Phish actually (which unlike my brother I never got into), so it’s easy to nod along with. The lyrics revolve around words beginning with the eponymous letter, which is just a license for forced whimsy like “A is for Adam, which is how I sometimes feel, like the only man on earth”. When you’re younger, you gravitate to “clever” songs like that, but closer listening reveals a clunkiness. 3 stars.

“A-Punk”, Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend

Speaking of grooves, this song (and most other VW songs) revolves around groove. The lyrics, what little of them are understandable through the singer’s affected vocals, make no sense. “Look outside at the raincoats, Come and say oh”? Is it about the government coming to get him? Hard to say, and there’s no real melody during the verses to hang onto either, so this song is really all about the clean, jangly guitars and propulsive drumbeat, which come together in a groove that just encourages mindless bouncing (you know, like how the Peanuts dance). Then the refrain drops the guitar part and replaces it with some mellow organ sounds and a afrobeat drum part which still encourage head bobbing. The song is nothing but happy sounds and exciting rhythms, and reminds me of summer. Four stars.

“A Touch Sensitive”, Super Furry Animals, Rings Around the World

This is one of those tracks I’ve probably never really heard, I borrowed this CD from the college radio station for pretty much one song (which we won’t get to in a long while). This is a dark electronic instrumental break. The Super Furry Animals had a very pronounced experimental side (I believe they used a loop of Paul McCartney eating as a percussive element on another album) so whenever they pop up during this project it should prove to be interesting. Like I said, this is an electronic composition, basically just an interlude, built up on synthesizers and some disco-worthy strings. It has a heavy Massive Attack feel to it, and would totally fit in a grimy crime drama or gangster movie. Actually, on a second listen, the bulk of it sounds like the scene from Office Space where they load the virus onto the computers (complete with clandestine floppy disk hand-offs). Four stars.


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