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MVT3K: Elton John ‘Nikita’

30 Mar

This week Derek makes it to the 80s, and encounters a relatively obscure (and definitely absurd) video from another one of the all-time greats. Prepare your giant shoes.



MVT3K: Life on Mars?

16 Mar

This week on Music Video Theatre 3000, Derek finds himself adrift and runs into one of the greatest rock acts of all time. He then tries to entertain himself.


Special recognition to for oh so important research.

Misappropriated Music: My Humps

13 Mar


They Might Be Giants in Five Measures

9 Mar

I wanted to have a CD review ready for you guys also today, but I forgot how much editing those require, so it’s tentatively scheduled for Thursday. In the meantime: TMBG’s recent output has been mostly educational songs for children, but anyone who’s been a longtime fan would not be surprised. They’re always teaching us about something!


Misappropriated Music: Watchu Say

2 Mar

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