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MVT3K: California Love

23 Feb

The horrific technical problems return! There was simply no time to reshoot this weeks episode to actually include my head (just think, someday we’ll upgrade to a real camera and look back at this and laugh) so hopefully the writing is funny enough this week to counter the gaffe.

This week, Derek puts Hypertime at risk in order to find a hip hop video that won’t offend.



Misappropriated Music: Battlefield

16 Feb

A special for Valentine’s Day: If only there was some way to properly describe the hardships that come with interpersonal relationships, the give and take, the potential for pain that comes with opening up your heart to another person….a totally original sentiment about what love feels like….oh well.


MVT3K: When Doves Cry

11 Feb

Derek explores the sexy world of funk and soul, but only finds a little purple man’s vanity project.

Thanks to everyone who watched last week’s episode, it was the single highest viewed installment yet! And thanks to everyone who leaves comments, and subscribes to the RSS feed, and especially anyone who passes us on to their friends, it’s nice to feel appreciated! I’m almost ready to reveal the details of our new affiliate site, a whole new world of funny is about to become available!


MVT3K: Single Ladies

4 Feb

Technical difficulties continued to plague this episode, hence the late posting. As you can see, I’m experimenting with format a bit, so leave me some comments and let me know how you like it


Flaming Lips in Five Measures

4 Feb

The new Music Video Theatre 3000 video originally scheduled for today has been pushed back to Thursday due to technical difficulties, but don’t think I’m leaving you high and dry!

Today we reveal the secret obsession that drives Wayne Coyne, though it’s not such a secret to anyone who’s seen the FLips stage show or movie Christmas On Mars.