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MVT3K: Hooked on a Feeling

26 Jan

This week, Derek is subjected to a truly torturous chunk of video at the hands of Captain America Bowling Pin. With cameos from Cin and WizWar100.



Ben Folds in Five Measures

21 Jan

Instead of an album review (though I am working on one, an oldie but a goodie), here’s a new series based on the “Movie in Five Seconds” series on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.

First up: is it possible to distill the discography of such a talented and beloved pianist and songwriter into five simple measures? Yes. Yes it is.

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MVT3K: America We Stand As One

19 Jan

In this week’s episode, Derek and Captain America Bowling Pin announce their love of country and celebrate American unity. Unfortunately, Derek’s critical nature rears its ugly head.

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The Wicker Man in 5 Seconds

15 Jan


MVT3K: Kalluri Vaanil

12 Jan

This week, Derek (with the help of a few friends) goes Bollywood in an attempt to become more worldly. Awesomeness ensues.