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CSI: Pop Charts

17 Nov

Alright, boys and girls, special “treat” for you all. This is a little spoof created by all three members of DBA Inc in which Derek is recruited to stop a silent killer. As you can probably tell, this was a pretty impromptu production: Will happened to be in town for the afternoon, had an idea to do a cop show parody, we managed to get ahold of Zach, and made it up as we went. That in mind, it’s not half bad. Lots of editing in this one, cut out a few things to tighten it up and skip over some not so sterling improvs, and added some green tint, jump cuts, and techno to get that CSI feel. Just for the record, the Usual Suspects gag was my idea.



MVT3K: Big Country

10 Nov

Derek’s bowling pin buddies try to reignite his memory through the use of a less than classic 80s video. Hilarity fails to ensue.

Rendering problem here, there is a huge gap before the music video starts, skip ahead to 3:00 exactly. Audible Underwear: Now with interactive content! I will set about fixing that problem soon, but when I promise new videos on Tuesday I MEAN new videos on Tuesday, even if they come with horrific technical glitches! Thursday’s video will be glitch free, promise.


Misappropriated Music: Grease Gets Dirty

3 Nov

I’ve wanted to do this mash-up ever since I first heard this song by The Teenagers. They suck, they suck very badly. They are pretentious minimalist art-trash with barely any melody sung with horrific accents and their subject matter is reprehensible. But when placed underneath some classic movie musical footage, it becomes HI-LARIOUS to me.