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Misappropriated Music: Sober

29 Oct

Bonus video for Halloween!

In today’s edition of Misappropriated Music, we have one of the creepiest videos of my formative years, Tool’s stop motion classic “Sober.” We’re throwing in a cover in the form of a lullaby. I know this sounds weird, and it is, but there is a line of albums called RockABye Babe, in which songs from Tool,  Radiohead, and more are arranged for xylophones and toy instruments.

So does the inclusion of bell instruments make this video less creepy? My money’s on no, but let’s ask the Nightmare Juice Clown to be sure.



MVT3K: Sacrilegious Scorn

27 Oct

This week, Derek delves into the evil and dangerous world of death metal in an attempt to summon Teh Satan. Apologies to any actual metalheads out there.


Misappropriated Music: Mad World

20 Oct

This week’s MM features Mad World by Gary Jules/Tears for Fears. It was an easy decision to use the the newer video since it was shot by the always brilliant Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Enjoy, subscribe and tell your friends!


MVT3K: Love You Tender

13 Oct

Derek dedicates a love song to a lovely soon to be wedded couple, and mocks it mercilessly. Features two horrific and easily identifiable technical gaffes amongst the smaller, nit-pickier ones.


Misappropriated Music: Take On Me

8 Oct

I’m having a domestic dispute with my editing software, and it appears to be holding the episode of MVT3K I planned to have finished for Tuesday hostage. Luckily, I do have other content finished, so here is the first installment of Misappropriated Music. It’s like a slightly conceptual mash-up. Today, A-Ha and Reel Big Fish put aside their differences and work together for the first time!